Services and Pricing


Our tax preparation fees will vary based on your tax needs. We charge by the required form(s) and will be happy to explain why each form is needed or beneficial to your return. Below are examples of our pricing for common returns. These fees include preparation, filing, and your printed copy. Your fee may be lower or higher depending on your situation.


Simple Package $100 to $150

May Include:

Form 1040 and Oregon 40/40P/40N          



Basic Individual/ Family Package $150 to $300

May Include:

Form 1040, Child tax Credit, Dependent Care Credit, Oregon 40/ 40P/40N, and Oregon WFC                   



Advanced Individual/ Family Package $275 to $500

May Include:                                                                                  

Form 1040, all forms included in the Basic Package, plus Itemized Deductions

Self-Employment Package $300 to $700

May Include:                                                                                 

All forms included in the Advanced Individual/ Family Package, plus ONE Schedule C/E/F form, Depreciation and Amortization, SE tax calculations, Home Office and all local returns.


Each Additional State $50
Amended Returns -Varies By Situation 
Bookkeeping- Varies By Situation                                                            
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